Frequently Asked Questions

How to do I get content capture for my course?

If you are interested in capturing your lectures for playback on your CLE course site, please send the request to Sandra Le.

I’m a new faculty, how do I get started?

Contact us first at [email protected] so that we can assess your ed tech & curriculum needs. Once we have met, we can recommend further training options including online and in person training with HUB staff or the Learning Technologies Group in the library.

How do I access the CLE for a course I’m teaching next quarter?

Courses that have been taught before generally have shells (blank CLE courses) created one quarter before the course is offered. If you could not find the course site, please send an email to [email protected] with your course number.

How do students get enrolled in my class?

Most SON courses use SIS enrollment through the registrar. Courses not eligible for SIS enrollment use manual enrollment that faculty complete in the CLE.

How do I set up my gradebook?

As you begin thinking about your gradebook set up (approximately one month before your course begins), start by reviewing the Grading and Gradebook section on the CLE Tip and Instructions page. For more detailed assistance, please contact Educational Technologist, Xinxin Huang via [email protected].

What if I have an issue with CLE over the weekend?

We work hard to respond quickly to all requests within 24 hours during normal office hours (usually M-F 8:30am-5:30pm). Please be aware of this schedule as you plan ahead for quizzes, exams, etc. We will not be able to respond to issues on evenings and weekends.