Xiao Hu, PhD

Associate Professor


My research program’s goal is to innovate intelligent informatics systems to enhance healthcare professionals’ ability in utilizing Big Clinical Data to achieve more precise assessment and anticipation of patient state changes. Our team’s core expertise lies in various physiological signal modeling and processing and developing machine learning models. Our projects are interdisciplinary in nature. We are keen in learning new clinical/physiological problems that can be approached using our core engineering expertise. We are capable of developing and validating prototypes of intelligent systems equipped with our algorithms. Our current projects cover problems derived from neurocritical care and neurosurgical care of patients as well as from general in-hospital patient monitoring.


Honors and Awards

Winner of NASA-Innocentive Challenge on Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure, Innocentive, 2013
Clinical and Translational Science Institute Scholar, UCLA, 2008-2010


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