Leslie Dubbin, RN, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor


Dr. Leslie Dubbin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at UCSF and is the Chief Integration Officer for Ambulatory Care for the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Her current program of research explores the intersections of race, culture, place and space on the reproduction of social and health inequalities; the nature of racism and its impact on the illness experiences of African Americans; and the dynamics of how social inequalities are transacted in patient-provider interactions. She is a 2016 Robert Wood Johnson Interdisciplinary Research Fellow.


Honors and Awards

Interdisciplinary Research Leader Fellowship, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016-2019
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Grant, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016-2019
Pre-term Birth Initiative Innovation Award, Benioff-UCSF RAP, 2016-2018
Phi Beta Kappa, University of Arizona, 2004


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Dubbin LA, Chang JS, Shim JK. Cultural health capital and the interactional dynamics of patient-centered care. Soc Sci Med. 2013 Sep; 93:113-20.
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