JoAnne Saxe, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN



I have been a health professions educator for 32 years and a primary care NP, largely for vulnerable adult populations, for over 35 years. I have led graduate nursing curricula reformations that have been supported by several federal training; and innovations and private foundation grants. My contributions have resulted in substantial curricular changes that link classroom education to learning in health care and policy settings. As part of my dedication to advanced nursing education and practice, I have been a vanguard of innovative practice models with a focus on vulnerable populations, for example, tele-health consultation services, nurse-managed health centers and inter-professional, patient centered medical homes. I am currently involved in the nationally acclaimed San Francisco Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Center for Primary Care Education where I have precepted inter-professional trainees, mentored clinician educators and participated in the performance improvement curriculum. I also advocate for educational and practice improvements through my consultation and leadership roles; Academy of Medical Educators’ and other professional organization involvement; publications; and national and international presentations. I regularly consult with nursing faculty from around the world on emerging trends in advance nursing education and practice.


Honors and Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award, UCSF, School of Nursing, 2017
Academy of Medical Educators Cooke Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, UCSF, 2016
Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators, UCSF, 2015
Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Scholar, UCSF, 2015
Lifelong Learning in Interprofessional Education Award, Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014
Excellence in Teaching Award, Overall Teaching, UCSF, School of Nursing, Faculty, 2013
Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, American Academy of Nursing, 2011
Kaiser Community Benefits Scholar, Kaiser Foundation, 2010
Excellence in Teaching Award, UCSF, School of Nursing, 2009
Teaching Enrichment Award, UCSF, School of Nursing, 2007
UCSF-Coro Faculty Leadership Collaborative, UCSF, 2006-2007
MS Students' Class Marshall, UCSF, School of Nursing, 2006
Outstanding Faculty Practice Award, National Organization of NP Faculties, 2005
Excellence in Teaching Award, UCSF, School of Nursing, 1998
Achievement for Primary Care Education, Pew Health Professions Commission, 1995
Teacher of the Year Award, UCSF, School of Nursing, 1995


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