Diane Tober, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor


Medical Anthropologist. Areas of research and publication include: Family Planning; Afghan Refugees; LGBTQ Families; Sperm, Egg and Kidney Donation/Sale; Reproductive Technologies and Bioethics; Cross-border Fertility Travel; Sexuality and Gender; Critical Medical Anthropology; Reproductive Health Policy; Mixed Methods Research; Documentary Film; Iran, Middle East, Spain, US.



Tober, Diane M.. Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and Alternative American Families. 2018.
Tober, Diane M. and Michal Nahman. Beyond Bioavailable Bodies: Reproductive Work and Cross-border Family Making. 2018.
Tober, DM. “My Body is Broken Like My Country”: Identity, Nation, and Repatriation among Afghan Refugees in Iran. Iranian Studies. 2007; 2(40).
Tober DM, Taghdisi MH, Jalali M. "Fewer children, better life" or "as many as God wants"? Family planning among low-income Iranian and Afghan refugee families in Isfahan, Iran. Med Anthropol Q. 2006 Mar; 20(1):50-71.
Tober, DM. Children in the Field and the Methodological Challenges of Research in Iran. Iranian Studies. 2004; 4(37):643.
Nachtigall R, Becker G, Tober D, Friese C, Butler A.. Parents' Conceptualization of their Frozen Embryos. Fertility and Sterility. 2003; 3(80):49.
Tober, Diane M . Semen as Gift, Semen as Goods: Reproductive Workers and the Market in Altruism. Body and Society. 2001; 7(2-3):137.
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