Bethany Phoenix, RN, PhD, FAAN

Clin Professor & Vice-Chair


Recent research efforts have focused on the regulatory framework for advanced psychiatric nursing practice and workforce trends in the specialty. As part of the Advanced Practice Committee of the American Psychiatric Nurses' Assn., I was a co-investigator in two nationwide surveys of boards of nursing to collect information about legislative and regulatory changes (titling, prescriptive authority, etc.) that impact advanced practice psychiatric nursing (APPN) and to identify state and nationwide trends for APPNs. I participated in design of the surveys, data collection from state boards of nursing, and summary and analysis of the findings. I am co-PI on a study recently funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that will use a mixed methods approach to examine structural, practice and policy barriers to optimal use of PMHNPs to meet the workforce needs of California's public mental health system, as well as analyzing effective methods of collaborative practice currently in use in county settings.


Honors and Awards

1st Place, Scholarly Poster, Intl. Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses, 2014
Committee to Evaluate the Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Services, Institute of Medicine, 2013-2017
Inducted as Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 2013
Award for Excellence in Education, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2009-2010
Leadership Scholarship, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2006
Myrtle Crawford Lecturer, Univ. of Saskatchewan, 2005


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Bethany J. Phoenix
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