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Education Related School Recruitments

Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions

Please use the webform and word template to submit open positions.

Priority for Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions will be reserved for PhD students receiving the Graduate Dean’s Health Sciences Fellowship (GDHSF). Please indicate that you are receiving the GDHSF on your application. Unless otherwise noted, all qualified applicants will be considered for available TA positions. Graduate Student Research (GSR) / Research Assistant (RA) positions remain open to all qualified students. Please check with the contact person for more details.

Outreach and Recruitment

Timeframe: Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters 2016-17
Description: Reports to the Director of Outreach and Recruitment for the School of Nursing to provide administrative and outreach support for outreach and recruitment projects and activities.
Contact: Sergio Saenz or (415) 476-9710
Details: Recruitment_TA.pdf

N212C Principles and Methods of Epidemiology

Timeframe: Fall 2016
Description: Responsibilities include CLE posting and management, in-class activity facilitation, assistance with grading, etc. Qualifications include ability to attend the class (Thursdays 9 AM - 12 PM) and previous completion of epidemiology courses. Open until filled.
Contact: Soo-Jeong Lee


GSR/Research Residency/Independent Study Positions

 UCSF Quitbit Study

Details: The Quitbit Study is a RCT that will test a mobile health intervention to promote smoking cessation. Specifically, we will test a novel device called the Quitbit, a digital cigarette lighter paired with a mobile app, for monitoring cigarette use reduction leading to cessation. We are currently seeking research assistance with several aspects of conducting this trial which includes a qualitative piece on Quitbit user experience. Specific roles may include conducting individual interviews and/or focus groups, analyzing qualitative data, and reporting results in a peer-reviewed journal. This is a great opportunity for PhD students interested in RCTs and/or qualitative research and/or mobile/ digital health interventions.
Contact: If interested contact Janine Cataldo and Julie Wang


Student Peer Editor Positions

Scientific Writing Program

Timeframe: All academic quarters position to begin immediately
Description: Reports to the Scientific Writing Program Coordinator to provide peer editing for students who request editing services for their academic assignments.

  1. Student editors can edit student assignments, academic papers, scholarship/fellowship applications, or other SON student role related work.
  2. Student editors provide assistance with general paper organization, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, flow of ideas, and simple APA format.

Skills needed: Demonstrated expertise in editing and writing academic and scientific papers. Previous editing experience is preferred.

  • Maximum 8 hours per week (20% effort)
  • Student editor can accept or reject assignments based on schedule and own workload

Compensation: $17.71 per hour
Apply: https://ucsf.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cMSzcz7WCfEotil
Email: Dr. Susana Leong


Clinical Teaching Assistant (CTA) Positions

MEPN Clinical Instructors

The Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) seeks clinical instructors for our accelerated 12-month pre-licensure program. Candidates must have at least a BSN and one year’s continuous full-time (or equivalent) experience as a Registered Nurse in the areas of Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Psych/Mental Health or Public/Community Health Nursing. Per California Board of Registered Nursing requirements, the one year of full-time RN level experience cannot be met in an advanced practice role. If interested please contact MEPN Coordinator Kizza Chadiha or (415) 476-4810.
Details: CTA_details_33116.pdf