Diversity in Action Committee (DIVA) Communication

Communication from the School of Nursing Diversity in Action Committee (DIVA)

The UCSF School of Nursing Diversity in Action Committee (DIVA) raises our collective voice against the vitriol targeting our Muslim friends, colleagues and community members being expressed in the public arena. The impact of bias, exclusion and “othering” puts all of us at risk and negatively impacts the health of individuals and their communities. The recent inflammatory rhetoric aimed at Muslims and Islam has reinforced fears, stereotypes and biases, and has fueled violent actions.

Holding conversations about racism and religious bias, and their impact on health and justice can be difficult, but it is imperative for the UCSF community to do so. Public outcry and demands for justice in response to the increasingly visible and documented violence against people of color in the past year have prompted discussions among faculty, staff, and students surrounding inequality and racism. We extend our concerns to Muslim community members who face discrimination and threat of violence on a daily basis.

DIVA remains committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for students, faculty, and staff in the UCSF School of Nursing. We stand in solidarity with our diverse community to further the goal of creating opportunities to join efforts in generating impactful and positive change.

School of Nursing Diversity in Action Committee (DIVA)

Yewoubdar Beyene, Professor
Melinda Bender, Assistant Professor
Kizza Chadiha, MEPN Program Coordinator
Kit Chesla, Professor
Kim Dau, Assistant Clinical Professor
Jeneva Gularte, Assistant Clinical Professor
Audrey Lyndon, Associate Professor
Judy Martin-Holland, Associate Dean Academic Programs & Diversity Initiatives
Monica McLemore, Assistant Professor
Erica Monasterio, DIVA Co-chair, Clinical Professor
Howard Pinderhughes, Associate Professor
Carmen Portillo, Professor
Sheila Proctor, Associate Clinical Professor
Teresa Scherzer, DIVA Co-chair, Academic Programs Evaluator
Laura Wagner, Assistant Professor
Student DIVAs: Amber Bell, Sarah Blake, Haruka Kelley, Schola Matovu, Andrea Santos, and Brianna Singleton

with endorsement by:

Shari Dworkin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
Lynda Jacobsen, Associate Dean for Finance & Administration
David Vlahov, Dean and Professor