Diversity in Action Committee (DIVA) and Former Dean Vlahov Communication

Communication from the SON DIVA Committee and Former Dean Vlahov

The DIVA (Diversity in Action) Committee at the UCSF School of Nursing joins other progressive voices that call for local and national conversations concerning the deleterious impact of racism on health to both individuals and their communities. The recent events that have transpired in Ferguson, New York City, Cleveland, Phoenix and elsewhere throughout the country have resurfaced discussions about the stark reality of structural inequality and racism within the United States, which appreciably contributes to health disparities. At UCSF, we are committed to advancing health worldwide, delivering the highest quality patient centered care and addressing issues surrounding diversity, including those which impact health care delivery, education and diversification among health care professions.

Holding conversations about racism and its impact on health and justice can be difficult, but it is imperative for the UCSF community to do so. Recent events have prompted discussions among faculty, staff, and students surrounding inequality and racism. These serve as an opportunity for the UCSF community to engage in informed, meaningful and respectful discussions about racism, health, and justice, without which health inequities cannot effectively be exposed, addressed or resolved.

Without deeper conversations about race and injustice, we cannot truly address the unconscious biases and structural forces that shape our individual or collective experiences, and which engender and reinforce structures of privilege or disenfranchisement, resulting in ever-widening inequalities.

DIVA remains committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for students, faculty, and staff in the UCSF School of Nursing. We welcome input and participation regarding our call for conversation about these challenging and deeply troubling issues, creating opportunities to join together to generate impactful, positive change.

Former Dean David Vlahov and the UCSF School of Nursing Diversity in Action Committee

Yewoubdar Beyene
Melinda Bender
Janine Cataldo
Kizza Chadiha
Jyu-Lin Chen
Kim Dau
Linda Franck
Barbara Hollinger
Audrey Lyndon
Judy Martin-Holland
Monica McLemore
Erica Monasterio, co-chair
Carolina Noya
Howard Pinderhughes
Carmen Portillo
Sheila Proctor
Teresa Scherzer, co-chair
Laura Wagner
Karen Acevedo
Andrea Santos
Liz Donnelly
Schola Matovu