Deadlines and Process

Applications for our Master of Science (MS) program open each year in July for fall quarter admission in the following calendar year. Visit the UCSF Graduate Division application portal to create and monitor the progress of your application. 

Master of Science Admissions Annual Schedule
Action or Activity 2020 Cycle
Web Application Opens - July 2, 2019
Early Deadline November 1, 2019
Deadline February 3, 2020 *
Classes Begin September 2020

Early Deadline

Applicants requiring early review because of special funding deadlines (e.g., members of the military) should submit a request to Steven Johnson and their application no later than November 1, 2019 for expedited processing.


The deadline for completed and locked applications, with transcripts and all recommendations included, is February 3, 2020. 

*Deadlines vary by specialty. If you plan to apply after the February 3, 2020 deadline, please first confirm that the specialty you have chosen is still accepting new applications. Availability and capacity differs among the specialty areas.

The School of Nursing reserves the right to process and admit applicants after the published deadlines.

Application Process

Applicants can sign in and out of the UCSF application system as many times as necessary while completing their application. You can check your progress on the application overview page. Green check-mark symbols indicate completed sections. We encourage you to plan ahead and ensure all sections have the indicative green check-mark at least two days before the deadline.

An interview may be required by the faculty within the specialty track involved in screening MS applicants. When admissions decisions have been made, you will receive an email notification from the application system that there has been a change in your admission status. If you receive an offer of admission, you will have two weeks from the date of notification to accept or decline the offer of admission.