Deadlines and Process


The opening of the application cycle will be announced soon.

Application Review Policies and Process

After the September application deadline, the Office of Student Affairs will review each application. Applicants should review their online account status after the September deadline to ensure all required components have been received. Applicants whose application packets are missing required materials, are ordinarily allowed a brief period after the submission deadline to forward any remaining necessary materials.

You can check the status of your application by returning to the online application system and signing into your account. Because of the high volume of MEPN applications received by the Office of Student Affairs, we ask that you avoid telephoning our office to check the status of your submitted application. If you have questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Plan ahead in advance of the September application deadline. Like any web resource, temporary problems may interfere with your access to our servers. Allow enough advance time before deadlines to ensure your application is fully completed. 

Once the Office of Student Affairs completes its review of all applications, here are the next steps:

  • Invitations to interview and initial "deny" letters typically are dispatched in early-mid January. Be sure that we have your correct contact information and address for these important messages.
  • Virtual interviews are required and will be held the week of Feb. 14.
  • The final admit and deny letters are typically sent by the end of the second week of March.
  • Student orientation is usually held in the first or second week of June, just before class instruction begins.
  • Remember to complete your official records and pay fees in advance for your first MEPN registration to begin your studies in June, during the UCSF "Summer Term."
  • Be sure to review the Office of the Registrar’s “New Students” webpage for more information about registration and enrollment.

    Important Notice to Undocumented Individuals & Potential Applicants

    The UCSF School of Nursing welcomes applications for admission to the MEPN program from undocumented individuals, such as those who qualify under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and/or AB540. Please visit the UCSF and UCOP websites for more information as well as the UC Principles of Support of Undocumented Members of the UC Community.

    The California Board of Registered Nursing now accepts both Social Security Numbers as well as Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Undocumented students must be willing to obtain an ITIN or SSN to take the licensure exam (RN-NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse, as well as go through the DACA work permit process. No other identifying information is accepted. Licensure is required for students to matriculate from the first year of study in MEPN to the second and third years of the program, by state law.