Global Health Minor

The UCSF School of Nursing Global Health Minor offers students the opportunity to examine nursing issues that affect the global community, ranging from infectious diseases and health systems in other countries, to refugee concerns within the Bay Area. With a focus on population health, health disparities and program planning, this minor prepares students to become experts and leaders in nursing care at the local, national and international level. 


Students completing the minor must register with the Center for Global Health, by complete the online Global Health Minor enrollment form here. Please complete the form when you start your global health course work. Students are encouraged to speak to their advisor as well as the Global Health Minor coordinator, Emily Hall ([email protected]) when choosing courses and determining how to fit courses into their specialty programs.


  • ​Students are required to take 3 courses with a minimum of 6 units to complete the minor.

  • Course requirements include: GHS 101 and at least one Tier 2 course. It is recommended students take these courses during the first year of their master's program for scheduling purposes.

  • Remaining credits should be obtained by taking elective courses.

  • Courses may not overlap with the requirements of the student’s specialty or with the requirements to fulfill another minor.

  • Note: Not all courses are taught each year, so students will need to determine how to complete the minor given their program requirements by checking this webpage, the course schedule and course catalog when registering for classes each quarter. Students are encouraged to speak with the Global Health Minor coordinator, Emily Hall ([email protected]), about how to best fit classes into the schedule of their specialty.

  • The SF consortium and Stanford Exchange allows students to take classes on other campuses and receive credit. If a student identifies a course of interest offered by another department or school (e.g., UC Berkeley, Stanford), s/he can petition to have it count toward the minor prior to enrolling. These requests should be made to the Global Health Minor coordinator, Emily Hall at [email protected].


Tier 1: Required course



 Quarter Offered


 Faculty of Record


 Introduction to Global Health
 (Fulfills Tier 1 requirement. GHS101X does not.



 C. Stewart & E. Hall


Tier 2: One of the following courses is required


 Global Women's Health: From Research to Practice



 N. Diamond-Smith


 Diseases of Global Importance



 K. Baltzell & E. Hall

 N248  Clinical Issues in Global Maternal Health  Sprin  1

 M. McLemore & D. Mallareddy


Tier 3: Electives


 Global Community Health Planning & Interventions



 C. Dawson-Rose


 Global & Comparative Perspectives on Health Care Systems/Policy



 *Not offered in 2017


 HIV Epi, Policy, and Prevention  Fall  2  C. Dawson-Rose


 Disaster Preparedness and Response



 T. Major, register under E. Hall


 Farmworker Primary Health Care



 M. Ramirez-McLaughlin

 Global Health Policy and Nursing

 Spring  2  S. Chapman 
 Pediatrics 170.01C 

 Special Issues in Healthcare: Global Health Interest Group

 Fall  1  T. Kelly

 Communicating with the Latino Patient

 Fall  1  P. Bernal de Pheils

Intensive Global Health Experiences


 Clinical Scholars Program

 Summer  4.5  Stewart

 Global Health Practicum

 various  2-8  various


For more information or questions, please contact the Global Health Minor Coordinator:

Emily Hall, RN, MSN, MPH
[email protected]

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Updated: September 2017