Geriatrics Minor

Geriatrics/Geriatric Nursing is a subspecialty practice that focuses on care of the older adult and particularly the frail older adult. This holistic approach to care is focused on supporting and/or improving physical and psychosocial function and wellbeing of all older adults. The overarching goal is to support older adult functional independence for as long as possible and feasible. A great deal of emphasis is on articulation and fulfillment of the older adults’ healthcare goals and wishes. Interprofessional collaboration is essential in providing optimal geriatric-focused care. Given the ever-increasing number of older adults worldwide, the need for geriatric knowledgeable nurses is quite clear.

Coordinator: Lynda Mackin, PhD, AG PCNP-BC, CCNS

Minor Requirements:

Completion of three (3) courses from the menu below:

Geriatric Minor Course Menu:

N295A: Care of the Older Adult, 1.5 units, offered annually Fall Quarter

N295B: Care of the Older Adult, 1.5 units, offered annually Winter Quarter

N203: Palliative and End of Life Care Across the Continuum, 2 units, offered annually Winter Quarter

N295D: Gero-Psych Mental Health Seminar I, 1 unit, offered annually Spring Quarter

S219: Social Policy in Aging, 2-3 units, offered Winter Quarter, time of offering may change from year to year

Additional enrichment activities can be requested/arranged through faculty coordinator: e. g. health fair, curriculum development projects, community education activities

For conferral of the Geriatrics Minor, the learner must pass all three Geriatrics Minor courses enrolled in.