Online MS Healthcare Administration & Interprofessional Leadership (MS-HAIL)


The UCSF MS Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership online degree program ( is designed for working professionals who are committed to shaping healthcare systems that improve access, affordability, quality and safety.

In this innovative graduate program, you will learn from expert faculty, collaborate with interprofessional peers, contribute to your healthcare organization’s mission, and develop a network of colleagues committed to making healthcare accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Policymakers and health providers wrestle with dramatic changes occurring in the U.S. health system. Thus, successful healthcare leaders will be required to embrace innovation, manage and sustain change, and effectively collaborate with colleagues and consumers.

The program welcomes students from a range of disciplines such as gerontology, medicine, nursing, clinical laboratory, nutrition, occupational and physical therapies, pharmacy, social work and other professionals working in the healthcare industry.

Make a Difference in Healthcare

This distinctive master’s degree program is designed for working professionals. The online format, workplace practicums and on-campus intensive courses are expressly designed so that you can continue with your current employment and contribute to your organization while earning your advanced degree.

You will execute an interprofessional capstone project that addresses a key issue for your organization. With guidance from UCSF faculty and workplace mentor, you will design, implement and evaluate an evidence-based intervention that improves operational or clinical systems for service delivery and increases consumer and workforce satisfaction.

Join the UCSF Community of Scholars

UCSF is the leading university exclusively focused on health care education. We are defined by our exceptional faculty, our diversity, our thriving collaborative culture and our public mission. Our vibrant community enables engaged students, dynamic educators and trailblazing researchers to be leaders in their fields.

You will attend a one-day orientation and three course-related weekdays on the UCSF campus. You will be inspired by presentations from noted leaders, enjoy one-on-one interactions with faculty and colleagues, and create professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

Program Benefits at a Glance

  • Enroll in Spring or Fall quarters
  • Graduate in as few as 12 months
  • Participate in state-of-the-art online interactive instruction
  • Join interprofessional colleagues for three executive on-campus courses
  • Complete the capstone project in your workplace

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Graduates of the online Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program will gain new knowledge and competencies to reshape the future of healthcare. Students will study with UCSF’s highly esteemed, interprofessional faculty to achieve proficiency in health systems research, leadership, healthcare policy and economics, organizational complexity, business practices and management of social and human capital.


Continuing your education is a sound investment in your future. The demand for graduate education is steadily rising and a master’s degree is becoming the standard credential for most healthcare management and leadership positions.

You may qualify for financial aid. Professionals in the UCSF’s Student Financial Aid Office will provide you with guidance and support throughout the federal application process. Please visit

Additionally, some employers offer programs to cover all or part of your tuition. Please speak with your admissions advisor about plans to fund your education.

Tuition for the one-day orientation and two on-campus courses includes full days of course instruction, 3 meals each day, and a variety of activities to promote effective connections with UCSF staff, leadership colleagues and experts in the field. Travel, lodging, and any other additional costs are not included in the tuition.

Tuition for the full 12-course program is $48,200 ($4,017/course) effective for the 2017-18 school year. Beginning July 1, 2018, tuition is anticipated to be $51,480.

  • $105 application fee

  • $125 international application fee

  • Costs associated with educational resources (e.g., course textbooks)

  • Fees associated with late registration or study list filing