Lesbian Health 101: A Clinician's Guide


In 1999, lesbians were identified as an underserved minority by the Institute of Medicine. Some health issues for lesbians are different from those of heterosexual women, and clinicians need to be aware of these differences in order to provide culturally-appropriate care, since at least 5% of their female patients are lesbian.

This book represents the cutting edge of what is known about lesbian health and also provides insight into women's health in general. This book will be useful to clinicians and students, as well as lesbians themselves.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Lesbian Health 101: A Clinician's Guide
Chapter 1. "But I am not sick? Why should I get a check-up?" Health Screening for Lesbians
Chapter 2. "Just Ask Me" Providing Clinical Care to Lesbian Adolescents
Chapter 3. "Can I get Herpes from My Girlfriend?" Lesbians' Sexual Health
Chapter 4. "Will the Real Lesbian Couple Please Stand Up" Lesbian Relationships
Chapter 5. "Can Two Eggs Make a Baby?" Fertility Options for Lesbians
Chapter 6. "In a Family Way" Lesbians and Pregnancy
Chapter 7. "Yup, I Have Two Moms." Children of Lesbian Parents
Chapter 8. "Got a light?" Smoking and Lesbians
Chapter 9. "Meet me at the bar?" Patterns of Alcohol/Drug Abuse
Chapter 10. "But, I Have Big Bones!" Obesity in the Lesbian Communities
Chapter 11. "Who, Me? Exercise?" Physical Activity among Lesbians
Chapter 12. "I Have a Bad Back!" Back Pain: The Basics
Chapter 13. "I Ruined My Knees Playing Softball" Orthopedic Issues for Lesbians
Chapter 14. "What is That Bump Down There?" Unique Aspects of Benign Gynecology for Lesbians
Chapter 15. "Is it hot in here or is it me?" Menopause and Lesbians
Chapter 16. "I'm so sad, just let me be" Lesbians and Depression
Chapter 17. "Where Are These Voices Coming From?" Serious Mental Illness Among Lesbians
Chapter 18. "She Didn't Mean to Hit Me." Lesbian Intimate Partner Violence
Chapter 19. "Hey You Dyke!" Lesbians, Violence, and Health
Chapter 20 "I Feel So Vulnerable" Lesbians and Disabilities
Chapter 21. "How Do I Live with Cancer?" The Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on Lesbians
Chapter 22. "Why Us?" Breast Cancer among Lesbians
Chapter 23. "Is this Bleeding Normal?" Lesbians and Gynecological Malignancy
Chapter 24. "How Could I have Colon Cancer?" Colon & Rectal Cancer among Lesbians
Chapter 25. "But I Don't Want Antibiotics" Lesbians and Infectious Diseases
Chapter 26. "Oh, my aching heart" Cardiovascular Issues for Lesbians
Chapter 27. "I Am Filling Up and Spilling Over" Urinary Incontinence among Lesbians
Chapter 28. "I Have Fragile Bones?" Osteoporosis among Lesbians
Chapter 29. "But I feel OK. How can I have diabetes?" Diabetes among Lesbians
Chapter 30. "Will I be in Pain?" Palliative and Hospice Care for Lesbians
Chapter 31. "Who will care for me?" Old Age in Lesbian Communities

About the Editors

Suzanne L. Dibble, DNSc, RN
Professor Emerita
Institute for Health & Aging,
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
UCSF School of Nursing
Patricia A. Robertson, MD
Professor and Endowed Chair in
Obstetric and Gynecology Education
UCSF Department of Obstetrics,
Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Dibble and Robertson are Professors and founding Co-Directors of the Lesbian Health & Research Center (LHRC) at the University of California, San Francisco, the only center devoted exclusively to lesbian health research in the United States. The chapter authors are leaders in their respective fields and have provided clinical care to lesbians for many years. Each chapter is preceded by clinical anecdotes, woven into the particular chapter, illustrating the highlights of clinical care.

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Contributing Authors

Paula Amato, MD
Lesley J. Anderson, MD
Jane L. Appleby, MD
Kimberly F. Balsam, PhD
Mary E. Barber, MD
Carolyn B. Becker, MD
Cynthia L. Benton, MD
Kelly A. Blasko, PhD
Danielle R. Brittain, PhD
Pamela Charney, MD
Leslie M. Cragin, CNM, PhD
Heather Rachel Davids, MD
Donna DeFreitas, MD, MPH
Suzanne L. Dibble, DNSc, RN
Laurie Drabble, PhD, MSW, MPH
Michele J. Eliason, PhD
Sarah C. Fogel, PhD, RN
Lynn M. Forsey, PhD, RN
Nyonnoweh Greene, MD
Ellen Haller, MD
Claire Herrick, MD
Christy M. Isler, MD
Mary Casey Jacob, PhD
Alison F. Jacoby, MD
Susan R. Johnson, MD, MS
Marion H.E. Kavanaugh-Lynch, MD, MPH
Leah M. Kelley, MD
Kelly Knochel, ABD, MSW, LGSW
Audrey S. Koh, MD, FACOG
Keren LaHavot, MS
Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, MD, MSc
Jeanne M. Marrazzo, MD, MPH
Alicia Matthews, PhD
Dana P. McGlothlin, MD
Usha Menon, PhD, RN
Katherine A. O'Hanlan, MD, FACS,
Corbett Joan O'Toole, BS
Jean K. Quam PhD, MSW
Migdalia Reyes, EdD, MSW
Cynthia Ripsin, MD, MPH
Patricia A. Robertson, MD
Esther D. Rothblum, PhD
Leslee L. Subak, MD
Mary Ann A. van Dam, RN, PhD, PNP
Dawn Marie Wadle, MD
Lisa Weissmann, MD