Recruitment + Retention

The School of Nursing Recruitment and Retention Committee meets throughout the year. The Committee set a strategic goal for 2014-15 to focus on recruitment and retention of ethnically/racially diverse faculty, specifically African American, Native American, and Latina/Hispanic faculty. The group pursued data collection, specifically to address the following aims:

  1. To compare our current faculty diversity numbers by series and department with 2004 data.
  2. To determine factors contributing to the retention of or failure to retain ethnically/racially diverse faculty in the UCSF School of Nursing.
  3. To evaluate current recruitment strategies to attract an ethnically/racially diverse applicant pool for open faculty positions.
  4. To establish an action plan to increase the numbers of ethnically/racially diverse School of Nursing faculty.

Recruitment & Retention Committee, 2016-17

Diverse faculty, diverse students, diverse workforce...


  • Sheila Proctor, Co-chair—Community Health Systems
  • Rosalie Bravo, Co-chair—Physiological Nursing
  • Sara Ackerman—Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Monica McLemore—Family Health Care Nursing
  • Howard Pinderhughes—Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Kizza Chadiha, Staff
  • Shari Dworkin, Ex Officio
  • Judy Martin-Holland, Ex Officio
  • Sergio Saenz, Ex Officio