International Visitors

UCSF School of Nursing welcomes small international delegations for short educational visits and symposiums to exchange training expertise, share research projects and build partnerships. We can also arrange for visits to clinical sites affiliated with the School.

  • Visits are scheduled for between one day and two weeks.
  • Visitors will request the agreement of a SON faculty to host their visit. Faculty sponsors can be identified by examining the Faculty Profiles page. Upon request, the Center for Global Health can assist you in identifying a faculty to match your interest areas.
  • We will agree upon an itinerary tailored to your group’s interest areas prior to arrival.
  • Visit fee rates include $400 base administration fee, as well as $100 per-person/per-day educational program fee.

Please send your request, including the below details, to

  1. Group leader’s curriculum vitae and contact information
  2. # of people in your group
  3. Proposed dates of your visit
  4. Goals of your visit
  5. Specific UCSF SON faculty whom you would like to host your visit; or, we can assist you to identify them

For further information on international visitor opportunities, please contact

Special Studies

International scholars and students who would like to study or conduct research with the SON faculty for longer than 2 weeks will apply to the Special Studies Program. The customized Special Studies program is for individuals seeking specialized study in nursing, policy, sociology, or leadership without the requirement of a degree or certification. For further information on the UCSF School of Nursing Special Studies, visit the Custom Special Studies page.


For further information on visiting scholars and international visitor opportunities, please contact