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There are many opportunities to join our community at UCSF School of Nursing.

If you are a potential salaried or volunteer faculty member, check the departmental profiles to see where your interests lie, and contact the department chair to begin the dialogue.

To see open faculty positions, see the UCSF Academic Affairs web site.

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Faculty Spotlight

Abbey Alkon, RN, PhD, PNP, MPH


For the past 15 years, my program of research has focused on understanding the interaction between children's experiences early in life and their individual psychobiology in explaining their physical and mental health. My studies are community-based, including children in chld care programs and children of Mexican-American farmworkers. Since 2001, I have been the Director of the California Childcare Health Program (CCHP), an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of child care for California’s children by initiating and strengthening linkages between the health, safety, and child care communities and the families they serve (for further information on CCHP:

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer at UCSF. The Medical Center has a program which trains and places people who wish to learn more about healthcare, and opportunities to become nurses or other healthcare professionals. Volunteer at the Medical Center.

The School of Nursing values the nurses and other healthcare professionals who serve as volunteer preceptors for graduate students in specialty courses and clinical placements. Because of the licensure and credentialling requirements necessary for professional volunteers, each department interviews and selects applicants individually. For further information about how to contribute your time to our academic programs, please consult with the department which most closely meets your expertise.