Diversity in Action Committee — DIVA

The mission of DIVA is to create a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community for students, faculty, and staff in the School of Nursing. We embrace the “big umbrella” of diversity to include human diversity in its many forms: gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, socioeconomic status, age, and spiritual and political beliefs, among others. To this end, DIVA focuses on addressing issues related to bias, stereotyping, prejudicial attitudes, and exclusionary practices in order to create a welcoming environment with a particular focus on underrepresented faculty, students, and staff. Please use the navigation to the right for information on: Activities & Projects, DIVA Events, History & Past Accomplishments, and Members. 

DIVA's activities include: Faculty Diversity training modules, H*E*A*L*S training and mediation, Annual Fall Welcoming Reception for School of Nursing, consultation/mediation, and other activities.

We are a resource to you — to share feedback, concerns, and positive highlights about your experiences in the School of Nursing. Feel free to call on us!


DIVA and H*E*A*L*S are registered trade marks of the UCSF School of Nursing, Diversity in Action Committee.