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The UCSF Young Women's Program (YWP)

A health services program for young women, including pregnancy, gynecologic, and family planning care.

UCSF Young Women's Program

The Young Women's Program provides confidential health services to any women of any age. We also welcome participation from partners, friends, and family members.

Our providers are Nurse Practitioners and Physicians who specialize in women's health and pregnancy care. A nutritionist and social worker are also available to every client.

Deliveries are at the UCSF Birth Center. 


Telephone (415) 353-7332 for appointments during office hours:
Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The program offers appointment times on Tuesday mornings and on Thursday afternoons.

Medical Advice

Telephone (415) 353-7332 during office hours. During non-office hours, please call the O.B. Advice Nurse at (415) 353-2566.


If you need to be seen urgently, telephone the UCSF Birth Center at (415) 353-1787 and speak with a provider before going to the hospital.

If you believe you have a life-threatening condition that could affect you or your baby, you should go immediately to the Emergency Room or telephone "911."

YWP is located at:

The Women's Community Clinic

1833 Fillmore Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94115
Telephone (415) 353-7332   •   Fax: 415.379.7804
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Public Transportation
Bus Route Nearest Stop
2 Clement Sutter and Fillmore
3 Jackson Sutter and Fillmore
22 Fillmore Fillmore and Sutter
1 California California and Fillmore
24 Divisadero Jackson and Fillmore
38 Geary, 38 Geary Limited Geary and Fillmore

It is important for you to have a health care provider you can rely on, to help keep you healthy. Whether you are pregnant, need effective birth control, or have a health care need, the Young Women's Program can assist you.

If you are pregnant, early and regular prenatal care is important to ensure a healthy baby; and, after delivery, it is important for you to stay healthy to be the best parent possible.

That is why the nurses, physician, nutritionist and social worker at the Young Women's Program are dedicated to providing high quality care.

Let us join you in providing for your health of your family!

The Young Women's Program offers:

  • Prenatal care
  • Birth control methods & counseling
  • Gynecologic care
  • Post-partum care
  • Nutrition services
  • Social services
  • WIC referral
  • Pediatric referral
  • Dental referral
  • TAPP referral
  • Breastfeeding support services
  • Childbirth and parenting classes
  • Free brochures and handouts
  • Free childbirth and parenting books
  • Video library
  • Complimentary snacks
  • MediCal registration
  • Delivery day gift for infant and mother

Young Women's Program also collaborates with other community services agencies, local public schools and local government agencies to coordinate services for adolescent women and young families.

Nurse Practitioners
Pilar Bernal de Pheils, RN, MS, FNP  (Director)
Jerusalem Makonnen, RN, MS, FNP
Barbara Hollinger, RN, MSN, FNP
Erica Monasterio, RN, MN, FNP
Social Services
Molly Koren, MSW
MaryEllen DiPaola, RD, CDE, IBCLC