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TARA: Recruiting Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants

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Student Employment

Teaching Assistant (TA)
Skills Lab Coordination

T.A., Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 Quarters

Position to begin: September 23, 2014

Responsibilities include assisting the Skills Lab Coordinator with the following tasks related to administration and organization of School of Nursing Skills Lab:

  • Management of skills lab supply inventory
  • Monitoring lab facility for cleaning/repair needs and coordinating additional maintenance as needed
  • Oversight of student sign-ups for “open” lab time via Moodle website
  • Supervision of lab during weekly “open” times to ensure security and cleanliness of facility and equipment
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as negotiated with Skills Lab Coordinator

   No teaching experience necessary.

   8 hours per week (20%) in Fall, 4 hours per week (10%) in Winter, fixed

   Approximately $22.00 per hour

Contact:  Kizza Chadiha
         Email (preferred):
        Telephone:  415-476-4810


Nursing Dean's Office - Academic Programs

Student Peer Editors Needed, All Academic Quarters
Position to begin immediately

Position Description
Reports to the Academic Services Coordinator to provide peer editing for students who request editing services for their academic assignments.


  1. Student editors can edit student assignments, academic papers, scholarship/fellowship applications or other SON student role related work.
  2. Student editors provide assistance with general paper organization, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, flow of ideas, and simple APA format.

Skills Needed
Demonstrated expertise in editing and writing academic and scientific papers.  Previous editing experience is preferred.

Maximum 8 hours per week (20% effort).  Student editor can accept or reject assignments based on schedule and own workload

$16.22 per hour

Linda M. Sawyer, PhD, RN, CNS
Telephone: 415-502-7632 Email:


Teaching Assistants (T.A.)

Teaching Assistant (T.A.)

N262 B : Utilization of Research in Evidence-Based Practice

Winter and Spring Quarter 2014

Position, Effective Dates, Time required, and compensation

  • February 3 2014 – March 30, 2014  Hourly (without remission) (weekly hours are flexible)
  • March  31-June 13 50% (20 hours/week) with tuition remission

Position Description:

Winter - Course development on Moodle

Spring –TA for an online course

Responsibilities include:


  1. Advanced Moodle skills are desireable.
  2. Assist with development of online course and PowerPoint presentations
  3. Access internet resources


  1. Monitor participation, discussion board activity and content, contribute to discussion, monitor exam functionality on Moodle
  2. Assist in activity and homework feedback and grades
  3. Answer student email questions and discussion board questions
  4. Maintain gradebook

Previous teaching experience preferred.  Previous experience with Moodle is desireable

Spring Class time:  variable – asynchronous online course format

Contact:  Janine Cataldo, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN

Teaching Assistant: N 262A Advanced Scholarship in Research — Winter, 2014

N 262A is a core research course offered for 150 - 200 first year Masters students.  The 10-week course includes 5 in-class lectures with optional small group seminars offered to follow-up on the lecture content and review the homework assignment. There are 5 weeks of a  ‘flipped’ classroom with required seminars led by faculty or TAs. The TA will lead weekly  seminars for the 10 weeks.  The review seminars are led by the teaching assistant (TA) and include discussions on the lecture content and homework assignments in a small group setting. The TA-led seminars will be offered Wed. 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. and Wed. 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

The TA manages and updates the CLE Moodle site, provides ongoing support and tutors students who need assistance. The TA works closely with Abbey Alkon, RN PNP PhD, and Laura Wagner, PhD, RN, GNP, co-Faculty-of-Record, to develop homework questions, exam questions, rationale for multiple choice questions and discussion topics relevant to the course. The TA position requires 25% effort (130 hours per quarter) and supports tuition for the Winter 2014 Quarter.

If interested in the TA position, send a cover letter detailing prior research and teaching experience and resume by December 1, 2013 to
Laura Wagner (

N 270 Advanced Health Assessment

    Details:  N270-TA.PDF

Research Assistant (R.A.)

UCSF Interprofessional Education Instructional Improvement Grant

    Details:  ipe-ra.pdf