Global Health Minor


The UCSF School of Nursing now offers a minor in Global Health. This program will offer students the opportunity to examine nursing issues that affect the global community, ranging from infectious diseases in other countries, to refugee concerns within the Bay Area. With a focus on population health, health disparities and program planning, this minor prepares students to become experts and leaders in nursing care at the local, national and international level.

Students are required to take 3 courses with a minimum of 6-9 units to complete the minor. These courses may not overlap with the requirements of the student’s specialty or with the requirements to fulfill another minor. If a course overlaps with a requirement of the student's specialty or another minor, it will count toward completion of the tier of classes, but not toward the total number of courses required for the minor.

Courses that count toward successful completion of the minor:

Tier 1: Students must take one of these two courses:

  • GHS101 Introduction to Global Health.** Winter Quarter. 1.5 Units. (Stewart)

** Students must take the "in-class" course; the online course does not meet the requirements for the GH minor.

  • N260H Global Health Policy and Nursing. Spring Quarter, every other year. 3 Units. (Dawson Rose / Chapman)
  • GHS211 Clinical Scholars Program. Summer Qtr., 4.5 units. (Stewart)

Tier 2: Students must take one of these three courses:

  • N260E Infectious Diseases. Spring Quarter. 3 Units. (Scarr / Baltzell)
  • N260J Global Health: Issues in Women’s Health. Winter Quarter, first 5 weeks. 1 Unit. (Scarr / Thompson)
  • N260K Non-communicable Diseases in Global Health. Winter Quarter, second 5 weeks. 1 Unit. (Thompson)
  • N248 Global Health and Aging. Fall Quarter. 2 or 3 Units. (Zimmer)

Tier 3: Electives:

  • N215.01 Global Community Health Planning & Interventions. Spring Quarter. 3 Units. (Dawson Rose)
  • N217A Care of High-Risk Populations I. Spring Quarter. 2 Units. (McGrath)
  • N217B Care of High-Risk Populations II. Winter Quarter. 2 Units. (Monasterio)
  • N240.2 Global & Comparative Perspectives on Health Care Systems/Policy. Spring Quarter. 2 Units. (Chaufan)
  • N242A HIV/AIDS Overview. Fall Quarter. 2 Units. (Dawson Rose)
  • N260A (N248) Introduction to International Health Work. Spring Quarter (online only). 1 Unit. (Scarr)
  • N274D Farmworker Primary Health Care. Spring Quarter. 2 Units. (Hollinger)
  • S204 Global and Local Health Disparities and Inequalities. Spring Quarter. 3 Units. (Dworkin)
  • S206 Corporate Influences in Health and Health Care. Fall Quarter. 2-3 units. (Malone)
  • S235 Tobacco Control Policy Issues. Fall Quarter. 1-3 Units. (Malone)

Not all courses are taught each year, so students will need to check the bulletin/catalog. If a student finds a course at another school (e.g., UC Berkeley, Global Health Sciences), s/he can petition to have it count toward the minor.

The minor is administered by the School of Nursing Center for Global Health (Room N·431Y) and is cross-departmental. For more information, please contact:

Ellen Scarr, APRN-BC, FNP, MS, PhD, Coordinator, Global Health Minor

Updated: January 15, 2015