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How Do I Apply to UCSF School of Nursing?

Our School offers graduate-level studies in Nursing and Sociology.  Consequently, you should have already completed your baccalaureate/bachelor's degree.  (If you are a high school graduate seeking a BS program in Nursing, please contact the California Board of Registered Nursing, for a list of qualifying programs.)

Please review "Which Program is Right for You?" in our Admissions menu (above) to choose the best program option for your needs.  We use an on-line (web) application system to collect information for each year's group/class of students.

Your Safety and Security

Warning, Icon Caution: as part of this application process you will be sending your private and personal information through the public internet. Your submissions are encrypted using your computer's browser software for safe travel through the web; a key or padlock symbol should be displayed verifying your browser's security. Check that all currently available updates and patches are correctly installed within your operating system, web browser, and software programs (e.g., word processing).

We urge you to avoid using public terminals (shared computers, kiosks) or public wireless access points for the application process; avoid situations where eavesdropping or identity theft could occur. We protect your privacy at our end of the conversation, but your end is beyond our reach or control.

Also remember that once a virus, worm, or spyware has compromised your computer, your privacy is at risk. Security compromises are likely if your computer has not received and installed regular security updates and service packs in the time since it was first put into use. We recommend you activate and keep up-to-date the security features offered by your system vendors and service providers. For example, anti-virus software is now offered as a free download by most internet service providers.

It is your first responsibilty to be certain your equipment and your software is current, secure, and safe. Review and update your system as needed, before you begin transmitting any of your personal information through the internet.

The University of California will not share, sell, or release your personal information without your consent.

Software Requirements

As long as the personal computer you are using is relatively up-to-date, you should have everything you need to complete your application.  You must have a reliable personal email account/address for us to use through the process. You must have the abilty to convert your personal essay ("goal statement") document into a PDF document, to upload to our system; the "Save as PDF" or "Print to PDF" functions of your system are used for this purpose.  Caution: students who cannot use computers and web sites proficiently will not succeed at the university.


The annual application fee (subject to change) is currently $80 for US domestic applicants ($100 for international applicants).   Fees are usually collected by credit-card payment inside our on-line system prior to the deadline for each program. Only paid applications are screened for admission to our programs.

On-Line Application System

Once you are ready to begin your on-line application process, visit the following web site: