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TARA: Recruiting Teaching Assistants / Research Assistants

Teaching Assistants (T.A.)

N142 Introduction to Professional Nursing - Spring and Summer Quarters 2015
Position to begin April 7, 2015 (to August 28, 2015)

Position Description: Assist Faculty of Record (FOR) with N142 lecture course materials, N142A clinical course materials and N142B clinical assessment, skills, and simulation lab materials.

Responsibilities include:

1. Update N142/N142A/N142B “MOODLE 2” site (at https://courses.ucsf.edu)

2. Assist with ordering and gathering supplies

3. Assist with organizing supplies and course files for weekly class, lab, and clinical experiences

4. Participate with planning and organizing course with FOR

5. Organize and coordinate and oversee MEPN grad volunteers

Previous teaching experience not required; MEPN graduate or Nursing Masters student preferred

Class time: None

Hours: 8-16 hours per week

Compensation: hourly pay or course credit available

Contact: Pam Bellefeuille RN MN ACNS-BC CEN
Email: Pam.Bellefeuille@ucsf.edu
Telephone: 707.363.1556

N 270 Advanced Health Assessment

    Details:  N270-TA.PDF

Research Assistants (R.A.)

UCSF Interprofessional Education Instructional Improvement Grant

    Details:  ipe-ra.pdf