TARA: Recruiting Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants

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Teaching Assistants (T.A.)

N 208 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology, Fall Quarter 2013.

Needed:  One paid Teaching Assistant (T.A.) with fee remission, and
up to three Teaching Residency students (for academic credit)

•             Strong background in Physiology and Pathophysiology
•             Available to lead review sessions Wed, 12-1 pm
•             Excellent communication/presentation skills

•             Previous teaching experience
•             Previous experience with Moodle as a TA
•             Available to attend class on Wednesdays, 10a-12n
•             Doctoral student may have more time flexibility to meet the requirements of the position

If you are interested, please send me a CV/résumé by email: Doranne.Donesky@nursing.ucsf.edu

DorAnne Donesky, PhD, ANP-BC
Associate Adjunct Professor
UCSF Dept of Physiological Nursing, Box 0610

N 270 Advanced Health Assessment

    Details:  N270-TA.PDF


Research Assistant (R.A.)


UCSF Interprofessional Education Instructional Improvement Grant

    Details:  ipe-ra.pdf