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Education Related School Recruitments

Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions

Please use the webform and word template to submit open positions.

Priority for Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions will be reserved for PhD students receiving the Graduate Dean’s Health Sciences Fellowship (GDHSF). Please indicate that you are receiving the GDHSF on your application. Unless otherwise noted, all qualified applicants will be considered for available TA positions. Graduate Student Research (GSR) / Research Assistant (RA) positions remain open to all qualified students. Please check with the contact person for more details.

Education Technology Teaching Assistant

Timeframe: June 1, 2016 through Spring 2017
Details: The School of Nursing plans to hire one student to assist the Education Technologist to provide better learning technology support for faculty, staff, and students. The position of Teaching Assistant (TA) is a unique opportunity for a student to develop and practice valuable teaching and learning technology knowledge and skills by working closely with the SON Education Technologist. Hours are flexible and office space is provided.
Contact: Sonhub@ucsf.edu
Details: EdHubTA.pdf

Clinical Teaching Assistant (CTA) Positions

MEPN Clinical Instructors

The Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) seeks clinical instructors for our accelerated 12-month pre-licensure program. Candidates must have at least a BSN and one year’s continuous full-time (or equivalent) experience as a Registered Nurse in the areas of Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Psych/Mental Health or Public/Community Health Nursing. Per California Board of Registered Nursing requirements, the one year of full-time RN level experience cannot be met in an advanced practice role. If interested please contact MEPN Coordinator Kizza Chadiha or (415) 476-4810.
Details: CTA_details_33116.pdf