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TARA: Recruiting Teaching Assistants / Graduate Student Research / Research Assistant Positions

Teaching Assistants (TA) Positions

Please use the webform to submit open TA & GSR/RA positions.

Priority for Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions will be reserved for PhD students receiving the Graduate Dean’s Health Sciences Fellowship (GDHSF). Please indicate that you are receiving the GDHSF on your application. Unless otherwise noted, all qualified applicants will be considered for available TA positions. Graduate Student Research (GSR) / Research Assistant (RA) positions remain open to all qualified students. Please check with the contact person for more details.

N143 Effective Communication

Timeframe: Winter Quarter 2016
Details: N143_TA.pdf
Contact: Melinda.Cuthbert@ucsf.edu

N302 Interprofessional Counseling for Behavior Change Workshop

Timeframe: Winter Quarter 2016
Details: N302_TA.pdf
Contact: Joanne.Saxe@ucsf.edu

N246 Symptoms and Management

Timeframe: Spring Quarter 2016
Details: N246_TA.pdf
Contact: Elizabeth.Shabrell@ucsf.edu

N232.02 Advanced Clinical Pharmacology

Timeframe: Winter 2016, one TA and/or student interested in using the experience as a Teaching Residency
Details: N232-02_TA.pdf
Contact: Heather Leutwyler at heather.leutwyler@nursing.ucsf.edu

N257 Psychiatric Symptoms

Timeframe: Fall Quarter 2015, .25 FTE or approximately 10 hours per week
Details: N257-TA.PDF
Contact: Beth Phoenix at beth.phoenix@ucsf.edu, or Adam Carrico at adam.carrico@ucsf.edu


Graduate Student Research (GSR) & Research Assistant/Associate (RA) Positions

GSR for Health Literacy Systems in the Safety Net (HEALSS) Study

Timeframe: December 2015 - July 2017
Details: HEALSS_GSR.pdf
Contact: Nancy Burke at nburke2@ucmerced.edu, Irene Yen at irene.yen@ucsf.edu, and Janet Shim at janet.shim@ucsf.edu

GSR for Novel Physical Activity Program for People with Schizophrenia

Timeframe: January 2016 - May 31, 2016
Details: ActivityPrgm_GSR.pdf
Contact: Heather Leutwyler at heather.leutwyler@nursing.ucsf.edu

Research Associate - Young Couples Study - School of Social Welfare

Timeframe: December 2015 - 2016
Details: YoungCouples_RA.pdf
Contact: Emily Martinez at emartinez24@berkeley.edu

GSR for Engaging Diverse Communities to Inform CA's Newborn Screening Program

Timeframe: November 2015 - July 2016
Details: GSR_NewbornPgm.pdf
Contact: Roberta Ryan at Roberta.Ryan@ucsf.edu

Research Assistant Community Placement Liaison

Timeframe: fall quarter 2015 through spring 2016
Details: CPL_RA.pdf
Contact: Joanne Saxe at Joanne.Saxe@ucsf.edu


Teaching Resident Positions

Timeframe: winter quarter 2016

Details: N245A_TR.pdf

Contact: Barbara.Burgel@ucsf.edu or So-Jeong Lee@nursing.ucsf.edu