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Comp Exams

Comprehensive Examinations - Master of Science (MS) Program

(See below for annual schedule.)

Comp Exam Resources Page

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  • Resources
    • PowerPoint show (70 slides, updated May 2014)  !
              comp-orient.pdf   (Adobe/Acrobat PDF format)
              comp-orient.ppt   (Microsoft PowerPoint format)
  • Faculty Orientation to the Comp Exam
                Video, requires "MyAccess", captured May 28, 2014. !
  • "Writing the Comp Exam Well: Critical Literature Review / Research Option"
        - "Karen Borst-Rothe - Video (hosted at
  • "Writing the Comp Exam Well: Problem Solving Option"
        Karen Borst-Rothe - Video (hosted at
  • Comp. Exam. Handbook  (Revised:  Mar. 2011, Aug. 2004 edition)
  • Required Face Sheet.   Caution:   use the following required document as
            the Face Sheet  of your Comprehensive Examination (revised 10/2013)
  • Comprehensive Examination Dates (2014-15)
UCSF MS comp exam schedule 2014-15